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Have you heard the news? Fastline has a new option for your Equipment Search and it goes by the name of the Hot List! What’s special about this list you ask? Every piece listed here is atleast 15% off it’s listed price! That’s right – quality equipment for a discounted price! To find this list, go to and you’ll see the Hot List box on the right hand side of the page (or click here)! You can also sign up to get Hot List alerts so you’ll never miss a great piece of equipment at a good price by clicking the Hot List Alert button. Hurry though, this equipment won’t stay here for long.

Some of the equipment you’ll find listed includes:

2013 John Deere 9510R









2012 John Deere 8285R










2008 Case IH 2388









2008 Case IH Steiger 385












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Hot Topics in Ag


Feeling a bit out of the loop? Let us help you out – get the latest and greatest news going around the Ag industry with our Hot Topics in Ag. Check it out below!



U.S. cattle and beef prices have moved into record territory since mid-2013, primarily due to drought impacts on U.S. cattle inventories.

In addition to the widespread U.S. drought in 2012, drought conditions have affected important U.S. cattle raising regions, particularly in the Plains and Southwest, since 2010.

The dry weather degraded pasture conditions and forage supplies, leading cow-calf operators to liquidate herds. Continue Reading


National Corn Growers Association First Vice President Chip Bowling took advantage of one of the nation’s largest farm shows to talk about the important actions that must be taken by the federal government to shore up markets for the record 15.2 billion bushel corn crop anticipated in 2014.

“Farmers like to grow good crops. We remember the years we struggled, as many of us did just back in 2012 with the drought. We also like to sell our crops at a good price so we can leave our farms to future generations in better shape,” said Bowling at the Farm Progress Show currently underway in Boone, Iowa. “As thrilled as we are with a record crop, we know it has its challenges, but there are a few simple actions Washington Continue reading

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Transformation Tuesday – Taylor’s Story

We love getting stories from our fans about the hard work and dedication that they put into their Tractors. Check out the tractors that Taylor has restored to their former glory and sent us. Though they all have a good stroy, the first one definitely has a cool one!

trans1 trans2 trans3 trans4

From Taylor: “…It’s a 1936 john deere A it was my grandpa’s very first tractor they had a big fire back in the day and he lost all of his old tractors but this one. It was back in a shed at my uncles I wasn’t sure what shed tho until I had a dream one night and grandpa was there he has been dead since 2001 anyway we were fixing the tractor because something was wrong with it so the next day I went out there to that shed and there was the tractor in the same spot as the dream I tried turning it over and it was stuck so I turned it backwards really hard and got it lose I cranked it over and it didn’t have any compression all of the sudden I heard a big bang and the valve came Continue reading

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Caption This!

Let’s have a little fun, what do you say? Below is quite the interesting picture. Who thinks they can come up with the best caption for what is going on? Leave a comment with your best guess and whom ever comes up with the best one will get a special shout out from us!


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Ten Thing Things You Learn Growing Up A Farm Kid


Growing up on a Farm is like nothing else – you get to work with your family daily, raise and support animals and see directly where your food comes from. Check out our Top Ten Things You Learn Growing Up A Farm Kid!

1. You learn patience from an early age – before you can get what you want, the chores have to be done. Dinners will be late (or out in the field) during plant and harvest but you learn to get past that. 

2. You learn where your food comes from – You get to first hand raise and grow the food that you and many, many other people will be eating or will benefit from. 

3.  You learn to appreciate where you come from – You get to grow up on the greatest playground full of wide open spaces as far as the eye can see. Where else would you get to spend as much time outdoors? Even better – where else do you get to ride around hours on end in tractors and combines while hanging out with your parents? There’s no better place to grow your imagination than on a farm!

4. You respect the land – after all it’s your family’s livelihood. You know how to conserve water, use less resources and protect the environment all while making as best use out of the land as possible. Continue reading

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