Transformation Tuesday – John Deere Style

Tractor stories are the best kind of stories – especially when they involve some good ol’ JDs, some family history and elbow grease. Check out this story we received from Roland about the tractors he proudly restored back to fighting form, including a 1953 50 in honor of his father.

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Why We Love Farm Equipment and You Should Too


Do you love farm equipment? Since leaving behind the oxen in the field, and picking up a tractor, farmers have been able to save time and money. Don’t get me wrong. Oxen are pretty special also, but they’ve been working pretty hard for us since 4000 BC. The tractor might just have been their ticket to salvation. And not only are tractors pretty awesome, but so is all farm equipment for that matter.

Look below and you will find 6 other reason why we should love farm equipment.

  1. A Good Cotton Picker (one person) can pick roughly 350 pounds of cotton a day. And that’s a very generous number. On the other hand a Cotton Picker (equipment) can pick 190,000 pounds of cotton a day. Holy cotton picker Batman! That’s a lot of cotton!
  2. Thanks to farm equipment, in 1940 the average American Farmer grew enough food for 19 other people. Modern advancements now allow the average farmer to grow enough for 155 people worldwide. I have only seen 155 people fed by one person once, and that was when my friend catered my wedding; and modern farmers are doing it every year!
  3. Because of farm equipment, farmers today produce 262% more food with 2% fewer inputs (such as seeds, labor and fertilizers) than they did in 1950.
  4. Tractors can have autopilot. Because of GPS, precision ag and telematics, tractors, sprayers and combines have become more self-guided, allowing themselves to accurately move about the field alone. Just make sure to flip your couch cushion every once in a while when you are managing your entire farm from that lone comfortable seat of yours.
  5. In the early 1900s, the combine harvester required the same number of people to operate it as they do today, however it needed 40 horses to pull. 30-36 horses were used to pull the combine and the rest to pull the grain gathering wagon. Combines in the early 1900s harvested 40 acres a day. Nowadays, the horses of modern combines are strictly under the hood, and combines are now able harvest an average of 150 acres a day.
  6. In the 1930s, before the machines were available, a farmer could harvest an average of 11.11 bushels of corn by hand in a one hour. Today’s combines can harvest 900 bushels of corn per hour. To put that in perspective, that’s roughly 54,000 pounds of corn per hour; or 27 tons per hour; or 5 African Elephants per hour; or 1 blue whale (200 tons) every 7.5 hours.

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10 Signs it’s time for #Plant15


That sun’s rising earlier and setting later. That morning air isn’t as crisp as it was a few weeks ago. We love spring for so many reasons, but most of all because that means it’s time for #Plant15. Farmers are ready, and so are we! Here are 10 signs that it’s time for #Plant15.

 1.You can smell it in the air.

 2. Everyone’s sharing the road.

 3. We’re growing impatient. Doesn’t the ground know it’s time?

 4. Our rightful seat is ready for us. It fits just right.

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5 Ways Farm Equipment Has Changed Lives for the Better

Over the decades equipment and technology have changed how we live our everyday lives. We can drive our cars further before refueling, our television sets have evolved into flat screens, and our ovens use convection cooking to bake dinner faster. Advancements in equipment and technology are often moving so quickly that we don’t even realize the how much they’ve change our daily lives.

So let’s take a step back and look at how farm equipment has made our lives easier.

  • Now you can check on where you got your tractor stuck! Thanks to computers and smartphones, you can keep track of your fields all from the comfort of your couch. You can even spot the exact spot you got that tractor stuck! Just ask this Farmer:

  • GPS ability to document yields, application rates, and tillage practices – remember when you had to keep all that information in your head? Sure, you still do, but now you’ve got a back up to that noggin and that comes in the form of Precision Ag!

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16 Struggles All Farmers Know to be True


  1. The Mother Nature struggle – it’s a never ending battle. As soon as you start planting – rain. As soon as you need rain – no rain. Need some hail damage? Mother Nature has your back. Rainy day means sleeping in? Nope – there’s always work to do!
  2. Crops to plant – Corn is selling low, do you cut back or do you keep planting? Beans are predicted to be strong but will everyone else be planting bean as well. What about wheat? Deciding year to year on which crops to plant can be quite the struggle.
  3. Vacations – Vacations? That’s funny. Taking a vacation means making sure there is enough hired help to take care of the farm, feed the animals and make sure everything that could go wrong doesn’t. Is it worth the risk?
  4. No days off – you know that Friday feeling when your week is almost over and two days off is on the horizon? Yeah not many farmers do. The jobs keep coming – even on a Saturday.
  5. 16 hour days – Sun comes up, already working. Sun goes down, still working. The struggle is real when a work day is never just 8 hours – but 12, 13 even 16 hours. After all, you have to do what it takes to get the job done!
  6. Optimism – Keep your chin up! It’s harder than you think sometimes when the crop gets ruined mid-season by flooding or your bushels are off by a lot. The struggle to stay optimistic is real but maintaining optimism for next year is key.
  7. Appreciation – That moment when someone claims food comes from the grocery store. Farmers work so the world can eat, but the world doesn’t work to know how that food gets to their mouths. Farmers all struggle with uninformed people making claims about the crops they grow or the livestock they produce.
  8. Keeping your eyes on the road – all Farmers can relate to this – it’s almost impossible to drive down any road with fields and keep your eyes on the road. After all, there are fields to size up!
  9. Plant or harvest delays – you did all the work to get the planter ready and wait for it…RAIN. Ready to get chopping? Don’t tell Mother Nature!
  10. When sleep takes a back seat to the fields – #TeamNoSleep happens when Mother Nature and harvest or plant time get together and decide that for 3 days the weather will be perfect for getting the job done. If that means working under lights, so albeit, sleep isn’t that important right?
  11. Having fields miles from civilization – you know how that goes. Whether it’s that you’re starving or when you gotta go, you gotta go – this struggle involves some creativity if you know what we mean.
  12. The dirt and scents you can pick up – Whether it’s the smell of diesel, animals or anything in between – the sign a busy day isn’t complete without coming home smelling like something you’ve worked on or fed. You know you’ve really done it in when you need gasoline to get those hands clean!
  13. 5 MPH – Enough said. Trying to get through with a field before the storm comes? Hopefully 5mph is fast enough for ya!
  14. When the duals fall flat – it always happens in slow motion. There you are taking the duals off the tractor and it falls flat on the ground. Good luck getting them up. Just picturing it makes us cringe!
  15. The urge to smell fresh dirt – you know spring is coming when you get that urge – the urge to smell the fresh turned dirt. The struggle is real when that is months away!
  16. It’s always something – whether you’re stuck, something in the tractor goes wrong or the part you need won’t be in for a while – there’s always a struggle on the farm. But there’s no better way life to have than to face those struggles and still come out on top!

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