Hot Topics in Ag


It sure is hot out there, but the news going around the Ag industry is even hotter. Get your fill of the latest Hot Topics in Ag below!


1. Six Leading New Technologies Farmers Are Using

In 1798, economist Thomas Malthus predicted that the world would exceed its food supply by the late 20th century. While he was right to identify the challenges of feeding a growing population with a finite amount of land, in the last half a century agricultural production has tripled. So, how did this happen?

The answer: innovations in farming technology. Smallholder farmers in particular have seen a rise in productivity over the last decade. So what are the innovations making the difference? We asked our community and crowdsourced the answers. Continue Reading…

2. Corn Crop Promising But Half Way To Go Yet

Indiana’s corn is showing potential to produce a bumper crop for the second consecutive year, but much of it could “suffer quickly” if growing conditions turn unfavorable, Purdue Extension corn specialist Bob Nielsen says.

He is cautiously optimistic as the crop enters the second half of the growing season toward harvest. Continue Reading…

3. Young Iowa Farmer Launches “Instagram for Agriculture”

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what do you make when life punches a hole in your eye?

When an on-farm accident put fifth generation farmer Nathan Legler on the sidelines three years ago, he built a website for farmers.

“I was putting new 2-inch points on our disk ripper chisels and was having to remove them by hammering out a rolling pin,” he recalls. “The last one wouldn’t come out with a hammer, so I had to grab the air punch, and when I went to use it I didn’t have it pressed against the pin close enough, and a piece of the air punch broke off and flew up through my eye.” Continue Reading…

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Farmer Talk: A Kind Reminder



Have you ever heard that saying, “Be kind; Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle?” This quote is great for personal interactions; but it’s even better for social media! As much as we love to hear from the hard working Farmers and ranchers out there, and those who might be a little removed from the farm – we have to remember that we are all people! So in the spirit of giving, here is a quick reminder of what we will accept on our social media channels:

  • Absolutely no profanity
  • no name-calling; insult throwing or verbal attacking
  • Sure we think Ag is the best and Farmers make the world go round, but not everyone will and they are entitled to their opinion. Share your opinion but don’t attack another for theirs

We reserve the right to monitor and delete if necessary any comments that we feel violate these few rules. So let’s remember what were all here for – to support the most important industry in the world!

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Farmer Talk: The Five Best Throwback Pictures of the Day

A little reflection in your day is always a good thing! Let’s take a step back with the Top 5 Throwback Pics of the day!

1. AGCO - Can you say vroom vroom?










2. Old_Tractors - There’s nothing quite like a classic JD!

3. U.S. Grains Council:

4. Ohio Dairy Farmers – Butter up!


5. Versatile-Ag - what a boss!












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8 Things That Have a Different Meaning for Farmers


Farming is a way of life with many similarities and differences to those who don’t farm. Check out our 8 things that have a different meaning to Farmers!

1. Holidays- Holidays carry a different meaning for Farmers. Just because it’s Christmas morning, the livestock still needs to be taken care of. Driving home from Easter service? There will be stopping to check on the crops or check on the cattle. The chores don’t stop just because it’s a special day.

2. Weather - Weather is not just sunshine or rain for Farmers; it’s the difference between a great crop, a good one or a total loss. Weather affects and determines so much for Farmers. During the polar weather much of the country experience this past winter, Farmers don’t have the luxury of staying inside where it’s warm  - they have a livelihood to maintain.

3. Weekends – The saying goes “same stuff, different day,” and that’s what it’s like for Farmers. Sure time will be made for Church but not much else changes – chores need to be done, especially if harvest or plant is going on.

4. Meals - Most meals revolve around a table and occur at the same time. Not for Farmers. Their meals vary daily and their table – well a lot of time its a tailgate of a truck or the cab of a tractor because they’ve got work to do!

5. Seasons - Sure there is winter, spring summer and fall – but the most important ones are Plant and Harvest. Though they come at different times for different things, those are the seasons that Farmers operate around. Continue reading

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Top Ten Tweets You Missed Today

A lot has been happening around the twittersphere, find out what you might have missed with our Top Ten Tweets of the Day!


1. This great way to celebrate Tractor Tuesday:

2. How Farmers might be handling that USDA report:

3. Mother Nature sure is a force to be reckoned with:

4. Farmers showing hope for the downed crop:

5. A social media favorite Gilmer Dairy receiving a visit:

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