Keys to Farming Success That Are Still True Today

keystofarming recently shared some keys to farming success that are still true today and we just had to share! Check them out below and let us know if there are other keys that you still use today.

  • What goes up must come down –  Many farmers in the Corn Belt are dealing with 5-year rent contracts that were signed in a time of $7 corn and not $3.50 corn. Ouch, that hurts the income statement. Some farmers have loaded up on flashy new equipment based on higher commodity prices, but are now paying for it with lower prices. That’s putting the squeeze on some farmers. Experienced farmers will tell you that any farmer younger than 35 has never seen REAL hard times. Everything goes in cycles, and so what goes up, must also come down.
  • Land is the best investment you can make – Farmers love the land and Grandpa knew best with his advice on investing earnings in more. Of course land prices plummeted in the 80s and that may happen again (see point 1) but over the past 30 years, investing in land has proved to be a very financially successful strategy for farmers across North America.
  • Hard work pays the bills –  Working smarter may sound smart but much farm success has been built on good old back-breaking work and putting in the long hours. Even for the softer jobs on the farm, good strong hard work will take you a long ways.  If you get up early every day and out-work other people, you increase your probability of winning (being successful) in the end.
  • Don’t keep up with the Jones’s — ignore them – Getting wrapped up in what your neighbors are doing can be a fatal distraction for any farm. Whether it’s making sure you have the latest pickup, the cleanest field, the most acres bought in the winter or the longest all-inclusive vacation, trying to appear to others that you are successful likely means that you are not actually working on being successful.
  • It’s okay to start off poor – Younger generations tend to want to start with the standard of living and farming that grandpa and grandma spent many decades working towards. While it doesn’t make sense to try farming today with an old 12 horsepower Model H, there’s value in learning to appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that went into getting a farm to where it is today. And nothing drives innovation on a farm like tough times.

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The Best Farming Advice Farmers Have to Offer – Part One


We all need some advice every now and then. Whether it’s been a rough day or a plain terrible day, or you just want some words of wisdom; we have compiled to best farming advice we’ve seen from Farmers to help when you need a little pick me up!

Kellie For Ag: Remember on your worst days, you’re not doing this for the money, you’re doing this because you love it. Everyone has a bad day at work. Sometimes Farmer’s do too.

Matt Smith: Trust the lord he’ll bring you through it all

Milan Djurdjevich: My neighbor once, “if you can’t help someone out what good are you. ” With that in mind I try to help someone with my time or advice so they can better from that situation. Also with Christ as my Savior you will get through it in good and bad times. I tell people that all the time.

Hampton Ammons: We’re not in control, and the one who is, doesn’t make mistakes…leave you’re worrying alone and deal with what was dealt

James Sample: When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Tom Nelson: as hard as it is to do take time for family those fields will be there forever Continue reading

What Makes Farming Worth It?


What makes farming worth it? Even after the long days, the unpredictable crop, animal heart break…what helps you to keep an optimistic attitude? We asked fellow farmers what makes it worth it for them and boy did they answer! Check out all of the responses below.

Allen D.  Raising my kids right and doing what I love

Zack E. The feeling of a hard day’s work just to wake up and do it again

Dominick S. Knowing you’re feeding the world and trying to make it healthier

Dan-Rhea V. Doing what I love!. And knowing that it’s contributing to the world!

Candi N. Raising my kids to love the land and use their hands!!!

Robert S. Waking up every morning knowing I’m doing what I love and loving what I’m doing and knowing the harder I work the more it pays off and knowing that I’m feeding the world! Continue reading

You Know You’re A Farmer When…


The weather forecast will determine how your day will go.

Your work clothes weigh quite a bit more by the end of the day due to all of the tools and other miscellaneous things you pick up through out the day.

You’re always late or can’t attend events due to farm chores, animal emergencies, equipment issues or just the fact that mother nature will wait for nobody and you had a field to finish.

Seeing farmland developed makes you hurt on the inside.

A good way to describe your day – Eat. Sleep. Farm. Repeat.

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Transformation Tuesday – John Deere Style

Tractor stories are the best kind of stories – especially when they involve some good ol’ JDs, some family history and elbow grease. Check out this story we received from Roland about the tractors he proudly restored back to fighting form, including a 1953 50 in honor of his father.

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