Caption This!

Let’s have a little fun, what do you say? Below is quite the interesting picture. Who thinks they can come up with the best caption for what is going on? Leave a comment with your best guess and whom ever comes up with the best one will get a special shout out from us!


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Ten Thing Things You Learn Growing Up A Farm Kid


Growing up on a Farm is like nothing else – you get to work with your family daily, raise and support animals and see directly where your food comes from. Check out our Top Ten Things You Learn Growing Up A Farm Kid!

1. You learn patience from an early age – before you can get what you want, the chores have to be done. Dinners will be late (or out in the field) during plant and harvest but you learn to get past that. 

2. You learn where your food comes from – You get to first hand raise and grow the food that you and many, many other people will be eating or will benefit from. 

3.  You learn to appreciate where you come from – You get to grow up on the greatest playground full of wide open spaces as far as the eye can see. Where else would you get to spend as much time outdoors? Even better – where else do you get to ride around hours on end in tractors and combines while hanging out with your parents? There’s no better place to grow your imagination than on a farm!

4. You respect the land – after all it’s your family’s livelihood. You know how to conserve water, use less resources and protect the environment all while making as best use out of the land as possible. Continue reading

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And They’re Off!!

It’s that time of year again – that’s right – its the Fastline Fun-Raiser 5K time! Every year, Fastline hosts a run/walk 5K as a part of the Oldham County Grand Slam, which raises money for local charities. Despite the muggy and rainy weather (as is expected in Kentucky summers), 129 people finished the race! It was quite the success and we love helping to give back to our local community. Find out more about this series of races here and scroll below for some snap shots of the action from the race!






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Top Five Tractor Stories

In the mood for a story? What about five? Of course you are – because we put together our favorite five Tractor stories from our blog! Check em’ out and let us know which one is your favorite.

Dale and his great-grandson, Austin, in his Case IH 1086.

A Tractor Story- Here at Fastline, we love to hear stories from farmers and ranchers alike about their love and passion for their iron, especially when it runs in the family. We recently received this submission from Dale S. and we just had to share it! Read more…









Hoovey – An Antique Tractor Restoration – One thing we love is a good antique tractor restoration! Check out this one from Adam Snook in Millmont, PA.

This 1953 Farmall Super H was discovered behind an old fella’s house in Troxelville, PA during the summer of 2010.  Many community members referred to the man as Hoovey instead of his traditional name Harold. Read More…









Restore a Tractor Preserve a Memory 

This is the story of a restored Farmall 560 and the story that makes it all worthwhile.

Chad Colby grew up using 560s on their farm. In fact, there isn’t a time that he can think of that Continue reading

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Hot Topics in Ag


It sure is hot out there, but the news going around the Ag industry is even hotter. Get your fill of the latest Hot Topics in Ag below!


1. Six Leading New Technologies Farmers Are Using

In 1798, economist Thomas Malthus predicted that the world would exceed its food supply by the late 20th century. While he was right to identify the challenges of feeding a growing population with a finite amount of land, in the last half a century agricultural production has tripled. So, how did this happen?

The answer: innovations in farming technology. Smallholder farmers in particular have seen a rise in productivity over the last decade. So what are the innovations making the difference? We asked our community and crowdsourced the answers. Continue Reading…

2. Corn Crop Promising But Half Way To Go Yet

Indiana’s corn is showing potential to produce a bumper crop for the second consecutive year, but much of it could “suffer quickly” if growing conditions turn unfavorable, Purdue Extension corn specialist Bob Nielsen says.

He is cautiously optimistic as the crop enters the second half of the growing season toward harvest. Continue Reading…

3. Young Iowa Farmer Launches “Instagram for Agriculture”

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what do you make when life punches a hole in your eye?

When an on-farm accident put fifth generation farmer Nathan Legler on the sidelines three years ago, he built a website for farmers.

“I was putting new 2-inch points on our disk ripper chisels and was having to remove them by hammering out a rolling pin,” he recalls. “The last one wouldn’t come out with a hammer, so I had to grab the air punch, and when I went to use it I didn’t have it pressed against the pin close enough, and a piece of the air punch broke off and flew up through my eye.” Continue Reading…

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