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Life of a Farmer – June

Check out the latest video from the Peterson Farm Brothers! This month features their wheat harvest. We love the Life of a Farmers series because of how they are able to provide great insight to the lives of farmers and how every day is different as is every season. Take a look at their video for the month of June below. To see the full series, click here.

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Level Playing Field – Chevy Releases Their Ag-support Commercial

Dodge seemingly captured America’s hearts with their Year of the Farmer campaign in which they released that memorable Super Bowl ad that more than likely you have watched over and over because it was just that good! Now, Chevy has released their viral video/campaign to show their support for the Ag community. Take a look at the video and let us know, does Dodge still have the hearts of the Ag community?

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Hot Topics in Ag

3 Agronomic Ways to Leave the Drought Behind: 

Agronomic experts hope farmers tap into that same confident optimism as they plan for next year. The following recommendations are ideas for your consideration as you create your production game plan for 2013… Read More

USDA: Corn, Soybean Harvest Well Ahead of Average: 

USDA reports harvest activity for corn and soybeans was widespread around the U.S. last week and both crops continue to develop faster than normal following a very hot, dry summer in many key growing areas… Read More

Association of Equipment Manufacturers: Analysis Shows Farm Machinery Sales May Not Suffer From Drought: 

As the lower 48 states experienced the third hottest summer on record and nearly 80 percent of agricultural land has been affected by the first major drought since 1988, many AEM member companies may be wondering what effect this will have on equipment sales… Read More

Cash Rents Continue to Rise: 

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service has released the county-by-county breakdown of its 2012 survey of cash rents. The average cash rent of cropland in Missouri was 4% higher compared to 2011 and pasture rental rates increased 9% from last year… Read More


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Harvest 2012 Highlight Video

Check out this really cool video of Harvest 2012 highlights. This video shows a lot of different angles and parts of the harvest. There is so much work and effort is put into each year’s harvest. We know how hard you all work and we appreciate you!

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Lexion 750 Harvesting Wheat

Check out this video of a Lexion 750 Harvesting wheat. This machine is getting the job done.

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